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Hal Bruce is a One-Man, One-Voice, One-Guitar, BIG SOUND, full-time entertainer/producer/songwriter/author, from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Now that Hal has explored the many facets of entertaining, touring, writing and recording over 18 albums, he had added his new passion to his list of credentials, that of which he has become an "Author." He has been a longtime lyricist in song form, and now has branched out in to the world of literature composition. His very first book which is entitled, "Wishing Upon My Star", scheduled for release on May 1st, 2023, is a collection of over 140 short biographical stories, which begins with his very broken home childhood, when his birth-mom left the family until, and began a new life for herself and her new family.

These stories range from childhood struggles in life, to Hal's self-determination to become somebody. Throughout his life, he never took his eye off the ball, and tried to stay focused on his musical career.

Throughout the book, you'll read about road life with his Hired Hand Band, his solo years, many achievements, failures, joys, tragedies, and the odd funny antidote which seemed to pop up out of the blue, just to level things out once in awhile.

Hal continues to travel the world, entertaining thousands of people who appreciate his brand of "One Guitar, One Voice, Big Sound" motto. More than 60 years later, he's still pumping out the tunes and stories, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

His diversity in musical styles has taken him to many places all over the world, Europe, Australia, South America, Caribbean Islands, USA, and of course throughout Canada, where he plays concerts, casinos, festivals, theatres, corporate, themed cruises, and private events. Hal has proven to be a great fit in different settings. His multiple genres of music include, Pop, Pop-Rock, Blues, Country-Rock, and Folk, and has secured many return visits to various venues , both small and large alike (many SOLD OUT well before concert date). He has long been known as a man with great musical talents, and has earned a well-deserved reputation of being true to his musical roots, and has worked very hard over his very busy career.

His proficiency on guitar has been the focus of a lot of attention from talent buyers and audiences, where people are hearing what seems to be more than one guitar, only to find out that Hal's knowledge and style on his instrument is at an outstanding level… with no computer gimmicks or pre-recorded tracks at all! Also, his vocal prowess is at a high standard, and he has the ability to master each piece of music he performs each and every time.

Since his debut as an entertainer/multi-instrumentalist (esp. guitar & vocal), he has studied thousands of songs from the 1960s and 70s and grew up totally immersed in the musical hits of that magical time, acquiring a vast knowledge of those classics before they became great memories we all cherish today. Hal's catalogue of yester-year hits, include many different songs from scores of famous artists and different genres. You request'em and he'll play'em!

He got his itch for music back in the early years as he faithfully watched TV variety shows, where he was influenced by upcoming musical acts, all vying for the top spot on the Hit Parade of the day. Ever since then, Hal has not looked back. This was what he wanted to do with his life, to play music, full-time, and travel the world. From that moment, he stayed true to his vision of pursuing a career in music.

Over his career as a recording artist, songwriter, performer, producer, he has recorded more than 15 albums, including four original projects which charted really well in the 1990s in Canada…earning more than a dozen, Regional, National, and International Awards, including, Male Vocalist, Songwriter, Entertainer, Video, and Band Of The Year.

His latest original album, "Rock Steady Line", has just been recently released, and adds to his collection of original works and is, without a doubt, his finest recorded work to date. What he has created is a tapestry of different styles and genres of music, something he always does in his live shows…very multi-faceted.

Hal was inducted to the "Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame" in September 2015 and, on November 15th, 2016, he was voted as "Readers' Choice Winner for Musician of the Year" 2016, by the Chronicle Herald Newspaper, in Halifax , Nova Scotia.

As an added specialty, Hal has also mastered the music of The Beatles and has been hailed as "The World's Best Beatles Solo Act", and to this day, he can perform all 214 Beatles songs in all their original keys. He set a world-record in 2004, by performing every recorded Beatles songs in a non-stop medley in Cleveland, Ohio, in front of over 5,000 people. Hal is the only person in the world to be inducted to two separate "Beatles Halls of Fame", one in Louisville, Kentucky, and the other in Liverpool, England.

In his very successful career, he has had the opportunity to have performed with, or played on the same bill as many famous artists. Hal continues to tour extensively, delighting audiences in scores of cities and countries.

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